• Gas: Natural or propane
  • BTU/h high fire: 50,000 
  • BTU/h low fire natural: 35,000
  • BTU/h low fire propane: 45,000
  • Housing: aluminum
  • Length: 9'
  • Weight: 115 lbs
  • *Mounting heights: 9'-16'
  • Approx. area heated: 16'x10'

 * Mounting heights are provided as a guideline. Actual conditions may dictate variations from the above data. Always maintain the published clearances to combustibles. Not for residential use.  

Clearance to combustibles

DSRS (15)-50


14"10"Ends 12"
Below 50"
Front 25"
Back 10"
12"Ends 12"
Below 40"

Clearances published in DSRS Series manual and on warning label supersede data shown on this page. Reference DSRS Series installation manual for complete information.

Heaters mounted on an angle between 0º and 30º must maintain clearances posted for 0º or 30º, whichever is greater.